The AfricaBoomBoxx has been running for 4 years on Yfm. This has spearheaded the exposure of non South African music. The AfricaBoomBox is an eclectic mix of the most trendy, ear-gasmic music from the African continent. We pioneered this wave of African music before any other. The current status of success by African artists is evident, and has already crossed over to the world, and is hosted by Dj Sabby.

Absolut celebrates African creativity and is a torchbearer for Africa’s creative visionaries.

Africa is in the midst of a Creative Revolution, where African artists, musicians, and fashion designers are changing the way the world perceives Africa.

One Source LIVE is a celebration of authentic African Creativity - a festival that will host some of the continent’s most groundbreaking creative talent, in music, fashion and art.

One Source is more than a campaign line. It is a revolutionary slogan. One Source Live is more than an event. It’s a movement that promotes a proud and authentic African identity by reminding people that we call from One Source.

One Source LIVE takes place on 24 March 2018.


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