Live N ReYired with Bongi Mvuyana

Bongi Mvuyana is a Pietermaritzburg-born Alternative Soul singer/songwriter whose debut album “Dopamine” released in August 2014.

Her debut single, “I Wonder” introduced her fresh sound to the South African and African music scene and went on to chart on Metro FM’s Top 30 Countdown as well as on four Nigerian radio stations.

The release of “I Wonder” was followed by two more single releases; an emotive ballad, “Gold” which charted on Durban’s Vuma FM and the upbeat, Maskandi-influenced “Sweet Love” that playlisted on radio stations across Africa, including Nigeria and Malawi.

Bongi Mvuyana’s strong sense of musicianship and songwriting has also gained her an international audience online, with listeners from the UK, US and even Japan taking a keen interest in her music.

Though love has been the central theme of her music thus far, her latest single “Sizwile” aims to demonstrate what she calls her “pro-human” side; a side of her that is conscious of the world’s beauty, suffering and how “Ubuntu” is a crucial part of society.