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South Africa has been blessed with more than a rich heritage and strong culture, we’re a country which is able to not only develop talent but to also attract some of the hottest creatives from across the globe – Joburg… seems to be where most of this talent comes together.

After years of almost nothing worthwhile happening on New Year’s Eve in Johannesburg, it seems as if 2017 will see Joburgers and festival goers alike come together in the city of Gold for a 2-day festival between the 30th and 31st of December as the Afro Punk Festival comes to Constitution Hill, Johannesburg. Afro Punk 2017 in Johannesburg will see international acts Solange and Anderson Paak headline the first leg of the festival with more announcements still to come later on this year.

The Afro Punk music experience is a 2-day festival which celebrates arts and brings together the cultural cornerstones of the afro punk culture through skating, film, music and art. The festival, which started in 2002 in Brooklyn, is the brainchild of James Spooner and Matthew Morgan. Its main aim is to create a platform for people of colour to express themselves in a way that isn’t usually seen as something black people do. Afro Punk takes black culture and the stigma’s which police people’s “blackness” and shuts them down by celebrating the fact that we’re all different and have so many flavours which all represent blackness.

The festival which is committed to the city for 5 years is about more than just bringing international superstars to the country. It’s about attracting ordinary people from around the world to think of Joburg and the creative community in Joburg as an extension of their lives and the go-to place for young creatives.

You can check out the full line-up and where to buy your tickets here on the AfroPunk website and on WebTickets.


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