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In hip hop we’re always faced with the endless conversations on who’s the hottest rapper in the game. It’s sometimes useless to call someone dope because at any moment someone might come through with something new and take them off their pedestal. The latest artist to drop and presumably take the ever-shifting title is Abuti Fill Up Cassper Nyovest with his third studio album Thuto.

The album is well put together with Cass saying that he had to sift through more than 150 tracks recorded in his garage turned home-studio before cutting that number down to 16. Thuto is mainly produced by Beats by Ali, a young producer Cassper was forced to find in order to perform on LiveNReyired back when he first released Tsholofelo. Cass also cameos in as a producer for a few of the tracks which is cool but we can never really know how much he actually put in on production.

Thuto is a dope listen which will have you enjoying more than a few tracks on the album because it somehow caters to different types of hip hop lovers, unless of course you’re a full-on hardcore AKA diehard. If you’ve always been sceptical and never rated Cassper as a rapper, than I’d suggest you jump straight to the middle of the album and play Nyuku. The track brings back the old-school South African hip hop sound that most hip hop heads in Mzansi have been crying out for. The track reminds me of times where H2O and Amu would spit on grungy beats made for street cyphers not commercial tracks. Nyuku might not be the feel and flow the entire album follows but it’s a great track which gives some contrast to what you get on tracks like Confused and Destiny featuring American superstar Goapele. Both tracks, much like I Wasn’t Ready For You featuring Tshego, are more emotional tracks which give listeners an introspective view on what Cassper was going through in his past relationships. Even though most of his fans might choose I Wasn’t Ready For You or Confused because they seem more like a studio confession than anything, I think that because they chose to sample one of the greatest dance songs, Destiny by Malaika, on Cassper’s fourth track of the same name. Destiny has the potential to blow up this summer – with both house and hip hop DJs mixing it in their sets. Another perfectly sampled gem on the album is Touch The Sky. A Ralf Gum house music classic turned hip hop hit.

I personally think that the tracks Cassper and his team chose out of the original 150 were perfect for this album. Not only do they tell Cassper’s story of success in his music and his business, but he is also not afraid to speak up about his past and present relationships. Whether he will actually reveal exactly who he’s talking about in each song is still to be seen… but I think we all have our own ideas.

Thuto comes in hot this year to shake up the game and we can only hope that it’s gonna force rappers to put in more work in production and really think about the selection process behind building a full album before dropping it.


 Paballo Bapela says: As the Cassper said that this is his best work to date, I very much agree with him. He raps when he wants to. Rappers now have to push back their albums cause this album is flames


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