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It’s hard to make it as a recording artist.

Not only are you faced with the hardships of trying to record your music; but you also have to deal with trying to get your music playlisted on radio.

That is why I went down to have a chat with YFMs Music team to try and get some insight on the best and easiest way to get your music on radio.

Record Good Quality Tracks

Like most things involving broadcasting; everything starts with a good quality recording from a skilled producer or engineer. No matter how great your song is, no music compiler is going to consider your song if it isn’t recorded, mixed and mastered correctly.

Make sure that you listen to your song from as many different systems as you can. Play it in your car, home theatre system and even from your phones’ speakers as this will help you correct any anomalies you might have not been able to pick up before.

Get an Unbiased Opinion

We all have a squad of friends who have opinions we trust, but when it comes to music it’s always advisable to play your tracks to someone who’s not personally attached to you and is not afraid to tell you if your track sucks.

The best thing to do is to play your song for someone without telling them that it’s yours just so that they don’t feel bad if they say it’s terrible.

Register Your Music

This should go without saying.

Not only should you register your music in order to get it on radio, but you should mainly do it in order to protect your music and get paid for the work you put in.

You can register all your music on the SAMRO website.

Submit Your Music

There are two ways to generally submit music. Firstly, you can rip your track onto a CD and deliver it to the front desk with a note addressing it to the music department, or you can upload your music on

The main things to note when submitting your music is to firstly submit only one track at a time to avoid confusion, and secondly to clearly write down all the supporting details the music team needs to consider your song for submission.

The supporting details you need include artist name, song title, genre, composer, record label, publisher, contact details and your SAMRO codes for the track you’re submitting.


 DOPE SANITY says: We are a group of young teenagers ready to bless the world with our turn-up music and we are very thankfull to have this helpfull information,surley from now we will work hard to making our dream come true with your help. Thanks a lot.

 LATETA says: Do you guys also imbed codes to the track ? My Risa ISRC code has not yet been imbedded in my tracks .can I send them still ?

 Biz OJ says: How do you know SAMRO has accepted your membership?

 mohau says: appreciate the platform

 Simcelile Gqaza says: Yfm is a best radio nation wide, bcs it gives us tips and lessons

 kidd envy says: we love yfm keep this ish kicking .we love ur authenticity.and well done once again speedsta and dj zai maya, for the nomination.and speedsta cant wait to see ya at maftown heights. keep the good music coming and continue supporting young and upcoming talent hope you will play my song on your chart.

 Sakhile Mlangeni says: Hi, what sort of confirmation does Yfm give to show that they have received the submitted tracks/songs?

 STHIBO says: Can u criticise this joint so I can tell the owner to fix it to get air play.....

 collen PoetryBusta says: I dig the system that you guys use to interact with us as musicians.The fact that music should be of highest quality is more like an advantage to get airplay.Big up to Just Mo,SBU and SISO K for selecting the best fruits from these musical tress

 Aubrey Brino Motsage says: Thanks guys now I can concentrate on making good music

 All Ace  says: Amazing ...

 nail troy SA says: yfm is dope more love keep on playing good music


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