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African cultures and the traditional clothing tied to it have probably had the biggest influence on modern day styling. Not only can you see the vibrant colours and patterns taken from African cultures being recreated in many of the mainstream designs you see today, but more and more people are starting to steer away from western clothing introduced by European colonialists and moving towards the naturally bold looks found in African fashion.

This week on InStyle with Tshepi we followed Tshepi as she took a look at Laduma Ngxokolo; a designer who has taken elements from his own culture and pulled them in to his designs to create beautiful Xhosa inspired knitwear through his brand MaXhosa by Laduma.

Check out InStyle with with Tshepi below and have a look at some of the unique pieces of clothing you can get from MaXhosa by Laduma in order to complete your look, whether it be formal or casual.


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