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Will Smith should no longer be referred to as a newbie on Insta and Youtube, because since last year December - he has out-social mediad EVERYONE.

This is why Will Smith is killing the social vlogging game:

1. He took a picture with a baby

Everyone knows baby pictures are basically a drug for Instagrammers. You can't NOT like them.

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2. He posts the littest throwbacks.

Thanx @theellenshow!

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Ya’ll ain’t got no filters like this

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3. He surprised his fans by dressing up as an Orc to the Comic Con in São Paulo

4. His vlogs are actually inspiring (read: useful)

5. He wins at tear-jerking messages to his bae Jada

6. And lastly, he shot a parody of his son's music video for 'Icon, to which he responded


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