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Atlanta’s greatest trap group, Migos, seem to have taken a page from “Lil Wayne’s Handbook on Blowing Up” by partnering up with almost every artist in the game right now and releasing as much music as they can, even if it’s only through features.

It’s now apparent that as soon as a hot rapper or group blows up, everyone in the game from reggae artists to pop artists come knocking on their doorstep to get a piece of the action. This time Migos have put their hype to good use by featuring in two hot singles currently making their way to the top of the charts, with the first being a single from one of YouTube’s biggest pop stars, Katy Perry titled ‘Bon Appetit.’

Katy Perry – Bon Appetit ft Migos

The track is something completely different to what Migos are used to, as it sounds more like a spring jam than a club banger even though the beat simmers down for the Migos to come through with their trap lines.

The second single is a hot Sean Paul track made to be blasted out of a huge sound system as a crowd of party enthusiast’s dance on clean white sands during a Miami Beach festival.

Sean Paul – Body ft Migos

This track definitely has the potential to become a spring & summer smash hit with Sean Paul’s cool Jamaican bars getting you in the mood to dance, and Migos switching their trap mumble-rap lines for some smooth sing-alongs.


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