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There are only a few actors out there who are truly able to capture the essence of a character as well as Tom Hardy. This time he is the lead in the latest series released under the BBC and FX titled Taboo which he created with his father Edward Hardy, and Peaky Blinder’s creator Steven Knight.

The series takes place in the early 1800s when the East India Company not only ran almost all the trade routes by sea but also the way Britain did business with the world; with an army twice the size of the Royal Navy. Taboo is a very dark and mysterious 8-part series filled with greed, blood and endless moments of taboo which leave you feeling almost uncomfortable from what you’re seeing on-screen. Tom Hardy plays James Keziah Delany, an unorthodox though-to-be-dead African adventurer who has returned to London after mysteriously vanishing in Africa 12 years ago. to avenge his father’s death. The time spent in Africa has definitely made him a different man and now he is back to avaenge the death of his though-to-be-crazy father. James now finds himself in the middle of a war between Britain and America who are both on a quest to obtain the small piece of land James has just inherited, which could open up the only trade route straight to China. Tom Hardy now has to decide whether to sell the piece of land to the East India Company who believe they have rightful claim to the land because they are British and it would be treason to sell it to anyone else, or to the American’s who are willing to offer him anything he desires in order to get it.

The story has a unique take on how things were in the 1800s heavily enforcing different taboos in every episode which leave you as a South African wondering if this is really how the British lived and conquered the world back then.

Taboo is a definite watcher and I would recommend it for anyone who loves well written period pieces filled with drama and thrilling moments which capture your imagination.


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