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When the soundtrack for a fictional series about Popes and the Catholic Church, is made up mainly of dark techno house music which could easily fit in when played in some of the greatest underground clubs in Europe, you have to expect a story made up of more than just religious conflicts.

HBO’s latest venture titled The Young Pope tells a story of Lenny Belardo also known as Pope Pius Xiii played by Jude Law. He is the first American Pope in history as well as the youngest the Catholic Church has ever had.

When speaking of churches, cardinals and popes the last thing one would ever put in the same sentence is politics, but this is exactly what you see when watching The Young Pope. You see the one thing most people never ever think of… how the pope gets chosen. In the series Pope Pius Xiii is chosen by way of a vote swayed by corruption… corruption which he was not involved in but was fortunate enough to be the receiver of its fruits, receiving the title of Pope. Unfortunately the people who had put him in power believed that they could control him because he was young but they failed to understand, as his mentor would say: “the young are always more extreme than the old.” And as soon as he took on his papal duties on towards him, no one could control him as he completely changed. Heavily enforcing the fact that cardinals act in a collegial manner where as a pope is an absolute sovereign. Meaning if they thought that they could sit down on a round table with him to discuss matters of the church and make decisions with him, they were wrong.

The Young Pope is definitely something we all need to watch… not because it tells the absolute truths and the happenings of the Vatican, but because it just goes to show that no matter who or what you are… you’re still only just a human being.


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