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Ebulliant new mother Ntando Duma can now add 'radio host' onto her list of talents. The presenter and actress has decided to take her online presence further than Instagram and Twitter.

Speaking to the actress, Ntando revealed to us that she was working on a number of exciting projects, one of them being an online reality series called MTN Megastar. The show plans to "give aspirant musical superstars the opportunity to audition and stand a chance to win recording deal with Temple records and the opportunity to work with renown producer Mike Will in LA."

In addition to this, Ntando Duma also scored herself a radio gig on Gareth Cliff and T Bo Touch's web based radio station, Touch HD. She will be hosting a show called "Black Twitter Unleashed," based on exploring and discussing #BlackTwitter trends.

Going LIVE on @touchHDonline right now! Please tune in! MADNESS #BlackTwitterUnleashed

A post shared by Ms Ntando Fleekiswa Duma (@dumantando) on Sep 1, 2017 at 2:58am PDT

After touching base with her career plans, she opened up about giving birth to her newborn baby, Sbahle, and how motherhood is treating her. Ntando spoke about how her driving force is trying her best to "set Sbahle up for life," hence the Instagram account she signed up for her.

"I started that Instagram account so that Sbahle could make money out of it. I haven't bought a single diaper since she was born," she says. Expectedly, the social page has gathered the right kind of attention. In addition to numerous free gifts, a nappy brand contacted Ntando to put together an endorsement deal. "Imagine getting an endorsement deal at the age of just two months?" she exclaimed excitedly.

If great content is anything to go by; look out for our write-up and video about her pregnancy, relationship with Junior De Rocka and more on The Mag.

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