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By Zekhethelo & Edah West

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday was known and referred to as the day after Thanksgiving - a holiday celebrated in the USA.

The day used to be an unofficial start of festive season shopping. When stores would come out with their door-busting prices to attract consumers who are stocking up for the holidays.

Now, the term Black Friday is well known for extreme sales, long queues, and retailers making massive profits. The black in Black Friday refers to how retailers record their losses in a red ink and profits in black. Therefore since it's the day where retailers gain huge amounts of profit, Black being a representation of that, makes it rather fitting.

The best items to purchase are:

1. Clothing: We all love a good price on our favourite clothing items. This is the best time to get them at a very low, usually two for the price of one.

2. Sneakers: Nothing compares to a good pair of sneakers, they are expressive and versatile but we all know that they aren't as versatile in pricing. Sneaker outlets usually give about 50% off your favourite sneakers.

3. Video games: The Microsoft Xbox One, Sony PS4, and Nintendo Switch remain the top consoles, and there should be various bundles available for each this year.

According to Yahoo Finance; as much as Black Friday is the time to shop till you drop, there are a few things one should not buy during BLACK FRIDAY:

1. Fitness equipment - There will be a few sales here and there, however, retailers are aware that most people want to get into shape at the start of the new year. Therefore it is best to actually wait until the new year because the bargains will be out of control

2. Tools - It is wise to skip Black Friday when it comes to buying tools because tool deals come in full swing in December.

3. Smartphones (Especially iPhones) - This is particularly directed at the iPhone, buying one now is not a good idea because the prices will not significantly drop. Wait the couple of months out and stand a chance to have a lower installment and on the latest iPhone

4. Laptops - The best laptop deals happen during back-to-school season or spring season. During this time companies start rolling out their new models and slash prices on older merchandise.

5. Winter Gear - There is this perception that when you buy winter clothes after winter the season then you get a bargain is a myth, the best time is in January or February as you will find tons of winter attire on clearance sales.

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