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by: Amu Hlabano

Photographer: Mixo Ngubeni

Legendary American media mogul and author Russell Simmons had the attention of hundreds of people at the #LibertyVukaSummit which trended the whole day. Uncle Rush shared a detailed blueprint of his personal search for happiness

Uncle Rush took his Adidas sneakers off and crossed his legs on the white leather coach. Instead of advocating or promoting religion or branding, he shared his personal journey from being a hard-partying music industry celebrity to becoming a deeply conscious spiritual warrior.

Here follows a few nuggets from one of the most unlikely business conference speeches this year.

  1. All the Scriptures say the same thing; Christian, Hindi, Muslim, Rasta, Jews etc. But basically, there is one God that exists inside you and your relationship with that specific God inside of YOU is the bliss that will attract everything you can imagine. The Scriptures remind us of that same truth, they have been misread and misinterpreted by the collective.
  2. You need to exercise and meditate. You need meditation to decide for yourself what’s important to you and focus on what is important to you.
  3. You must stop eating animals. The world has millions of animals born into the worst stuff imaginable. Just so you can get cancer and cholesterol and destroy the planet. It’s the worst comic disaster in the history of the world acting over, again and again, every day. And we’re doing it because the collective is doing it. Stop it.
  4. If God was the ocean, we would all be cups of God, we all have the qualities of God.
  5. We should always put happiness above success, money doesn’t make you happy, but happiness makes you money.
  6. Don't focus too much on the future. Attachment to the present moment should be your guide and your goal. Happiness is a choice.
  7. No matter how rich you are, you can only sit your ass in one seat at a time. Needing nothing attracts everything. That’s super-rich.
  8. All of us have some faith and our job is to espouse on that faith. When we do it as a habit, it becomes true.Try implementing a good habit for 30 days. Wake up every day sober and start liking mornings.
  9. Expand your faith. You have God in You. God should be your source and you always have to go to the source frequently to have happiness. Pray as much as you work. The work will accelerate your prayers.
  10. The highest calling is to give happiness to others. Your happiness is intertwined in the happiness of those around you. There’s no way out. Give something you love and you are passionate about. You can't serve others if you can't serve yourself.


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