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News about a Brenda Fassie biopic are doing the rounds, and so are opinions on who should play her.

It's been 14 year's since her passing, and a film depicting her journey to fame is finally in pre-production.

Wednesday, January 10, a London-based film and television production company Showbizbee announced that it will be producing the film. The cast has not been announced yet, but Tweeps have already appointed themselves as casting directors. The good news though, according to various reports, is that it will feature an all South African cast.

The Twitter casting directors have not only put up Brenda Xoli as their favourite choice...

but they have also found an actual Brenda Fassie lookalike.

Bathabile Ngubeni is a 29-year-old Forex advisor, who, despite being a huge fan of the late legend, says she has no real acting or singing experience.

We interviewed Ngubeni and she notes dancing as a rabbit she could easily pull out of her pocket.

"I'm a bubbly person who can jump on stage and start dancing," she said.

On singing, dancing, and acting, "all these I can do like a normal person, but hold a note? No!" she explains.

While some are of the opinion that seasoned South African actresses should get the role, there is an open discussion on the #OpenUpTheIndustry subject. One which actress, Samkelo Ndlovu explains in a short thread:

We met up with the bubbly Forex advisor and got to know her a little better:

Do you know any Brenda Fassie lookalikes?


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