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Over the past few days the Mannequin Challenge has taken over all social media platforms getting everyone from celebs like Beyonce, Hillary Clinton and Paul McCartney to take part in the craze. The challenge, which was started by a group of teenage girls in Florida, sees people standing still as as if they were mannequins in a store as someone with a camera walks past as if they were viewing the mannequins.

There's been countless vids popping up. Here are a few done by our favourite celebs:


😂😂😂 @LifeOfDesiigner does the #Mannequinchallenge

— BallerAlert (@balleralert) November 11, 2016

Young Thug

Young Thug #MannequinChallenge (High Horsed Tour ft 21 Savage )

— young thug (@thugActivities) November 7, 2016

Kevin Hart

And my personal favourite by Rae Sremmurd

#Mannequinchallenge live 🤘ðŸÂ½â„ï¸Â

— Swae Lee Lee Swae (@iHipsterLee) November 4, 2016


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