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By Edah West

Co-director of Parental Advisory Production Thomas Gumede is no stranger to the Film & Television industry.

Thomas is best known for his roles in drama series A Place Called Home,, Backstage, Home Affairs and Soul City. He hosted the reality shows So You Think You’re Funny, Love Back, Top Shayela and MTV’s Ridiculousness Africa.

In 2012 he produced and starred in the Vuzu reality series Forever Young, which follows him and fellow actors - and co-directors of Parental Advisory Productions Siya Ngwekazi and Lungile Radu - as they "follow their hearts and live in the moment in pursuit of their dreams".

Now, Thomas is set on debuting as a director in a romantic-thriller titled Inhliziyo Yethu. The film tells the story of a woman who decides to hijack a human heart in transit in order to perform a transplant on her husband who had a heart attack. It stars Kenneth Nkosi, Siyabonga Radebe and Zikhona Sodlaka.

Working from a budget of R400 000 and four days to shoot 54 scenes, Thomas is confident that he can direct fiction and handle big actors on a tight deadline.

Speaking to The Juice, Thomas said everything came together really well.


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