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Valentine’s Day has always been seen as the where couples express their love for one another in the spirit of St. Valentine who was known for helping young couples wed at a time when young men were banned from getting married before they served their time in the army.

Yesterday however started off in an awkward manner as love was definitely not in the air earlier on in the morning before turning out to be quite the jump later on. The day started with funny twist as #Unemployment skyrocketed up the Trends charts trending above #ValentinesDay. #Unemployment stayed on the trends list for just over 12 hours leaving Valentine’s Day far behind, but the more it trended the more people realised that it’s just a way of steering people away from the elephant in the room.

LMAO SA niggas got #Unemployment trending on Valentine's

— #UpCloseAndPersonal (@Tulz_Madala) February 14, 2017

"I don't have a #valentines because I'm #unemployment." ~

— Thulani Mbonani (@Thulani_Mbonani) February 14, 2017

Y'all think you clever by trending #unemployment on Valentine's day.. .

— RetiredLightSkinRepð (@SNEH_W) February 14, 2017

The day might have not been as filled with love in the air as many might have hoped, but it did end well with a great party at Kong to celebrate V.Day the old fashion way by giving someone a shot at love with DJ Speedsta. #BornABachelor

Happy Valentine's Day to @chanelefi her I are going on a date tonight courtesy of @Yfm see you later. 🌹#Bornabachelor

— The Guy. (@DJSPEEDSTA) February 14, 2017

🙆ðŸÂ¼ðŸ™†ðŸÂ¼ Dankie baie @Yfm
for an AWEsome party #BornABachelor 😅🔥 it was 2 sugar 🙌ðŸÂ»ðŸ‘ðŸÂ½ðŸ˜± lets dala it again toe 🤘ðŸÂ» @belindablu1

— Chandre'a Pretorius (@DjCandii) February 15, 2017


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