Smash the morning blues, Melo out, Krunch at lunch, Evacuate the day, say Shut Up to the world and get Tapping in the evening. This is a day in the week as Yfm Re-Ups its urban beat. The fine tuning continues as the Yfm line-up informs and entertains the Y and Z-Generations.

A portal to cool, well informed aspiration young adults, Y continues to stride into the world of trendy and savvy young professionals, who have grown up with the vibe of Yfm.

Staying true to our roots of informing and entertaining younger listeners, Yfm continues to grow and mature with its audience of Generation-Z professionals, who know what they want and how they want it: Be it informative conversations, content, the latest news and most of all, the best and latest must.

Information, content, conversation and music, music, music are the core values of 2017/18. It’s the year of Re-Up.

LINEUP 2017/2018

Time PresenterShow Name
0000 - 0300Tulz Madala and Captain ZeeThis Is Radio
0300 - 0600AnathiWake up with Anathi
0600 - 0900Smash Afrika
Co-Host (TBC)
Given Baloyi (Producer)
Smash and Grab
1000 - 1200Melo
Mtho (Producer)
Melo on 10th
1200 - 1500Khutso Theledi
Producer TBC
Co-host (TBC)
Krunch Time
1500 - 1800DJ Sabby
Samke (Producer)
The Best Drive
1800 - 2100DJ Ankletap
Tumi Mmakou (Producer)
Co-Host (TBC)
The DJ Ankletap show
MondayDJ Lebza  
TuesdayZai Maya  
WednesdayDJ Candii  
ThursdayDJ Zan D  
FridayDJ Speedsta  
TuesdayKhutso Theledi  
ThursdayDJ Speedsta  
FridayDJ Candii